The Isle of Lismore is perhaps the best of all the Scottish islands for walking. Hamish Haswell-Smith in his best selling guide to Scottish Islands writes ‘For delightful walking country LISMORE is supreme’. He describes a walk at the south end as ‘one of the finest walks in Scotland and views that are unequalled anywhere’. There are various reasons for this:

The views from the island across the water to the mountains of Argyll, Ardnamurchan and Mull are quite outstanding. The island gives the best possible vantage point;
The island is relatively flat but undulating and every hundred yards or so gives a different view;
There are an quite incredible number of wild flowers - some have counted over 300 different species;
The light seems to change constantly providing the most amazing changes to the same scene;
Although in no way a park, the walks are reasonably straightforward, and it is very difficult to get lost;
Being partly limestone and low lying there are much fewer midges that the rest of the highlands and islands as midges don’t like limestone or a breeze of over 3mph.


The island is also very popular with cyclists for much the same reason as walkers. However, although the traffic is relatively light and slow moving, the roads are very narrow. It is a VERY foolish cyclist that does not stop and dismount to allow a car to pass or overtake. There is a considerable amount of gravel on the roads, which together with the potholes make the road potentially dangerous for cyclists. We have minor accidents on a daily basis and the air ambulance has been called in quite a few times. So far we have had no fatalities.


There is fishing available on one of the Lochs - the farmer simply asks for a donation to the local church!

Sailing or Kayaking

The comparatively sheltered waters and many small islets make this a very poopular spot for sailors and kayaking.

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